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Why do I have to sign the Authorization form?

Since you won’t be making the removal requests personally, companies need a way to verify that the request is legitimate. Otherwise, anyone with your basic information could send a request to Netflix or other websites and request them to delete your account.

The Authorization form proves that we are authorized to make the removal request on your behalf, and companies are not putting themselves in danger by complying.

What is the scope of the Authorization form you have signed? It’s actually quite simple; it says that:

1. We are authorized to contact data brokers and other data providers and request them to remove any data they have about you.

2. If they refuse to comply, we can inform local data protection agencies about it in the form of a complaint.

3. The Authorization form is only valid until we get confirmation from the data broker that they removed (or didn’t find) your data. It automatically loses any power once it’s done.