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What IFR Offline Enhance Footprint Report Includes?

The Internet Footprint Report is the data left behind whenever you use a digital service. Each time you go online or use a digital service, you leave a trail of information behind you.  Everyone leaves a trace.

A complete analysis of the links, we provide you with the actual passwords or any other personal information, including your entire Identity stolen and in the public domain a complete Cyber Intelligence. It can consist of fake accounts and Much More!

  • A list of states, cities, and address 
  • Location History 
  • Telephone numbers Analysis and account relations 
  • Emails and history 
  • Verify your name against the Sanction list 
  • Email and Password Breach 
  • IP analysis 
  • News and Dark Web News 
  • Social media (possible usernames and accounts) 
  • And Much More